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Threadless ball screws

The threadless ball screw is designed mainly for handling mechanisms of manipulators and transporting devices, which require effective transition of the rotary motion to linear without the preference of high rigidity and load capacity, but with the requirement for simplicity, easy maintenance and easy production.


Screw thread is produced only in the nut and the transition of the load is provided only through the balls in the nut and the smooth cylindrical surface of the shaft. The principle is based on the elastic deformation of the surface of the hardened and ground shaft caused during the rolling of the preloaded balls guided in the inner screw thread of the nut. In this application it is possible to use the slippage of the nut on the shaft after exceeding certain axial force as a safety element. The nut continues in its motion in the original direction after the decrease of the load, or the current increase causes drive disconnection.

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