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Ball screws

Ball screws (hereinafter also BS) are structural components (non self-locking) that convert rotary motion into smooth, accurate and reversible linear motion with high efficiency, rigidity, precision and reliability.

Ball screws require an accurate and rigid mount with precise alignment of the ball screw longitudinal axis and the guiding surfaces within 0.02 mm/1,000 mm. At the same time, the nut position should guarantee its perpendicularity to the longitudinal axis of the ball screw within 0.02 mm/1,000 mm.

The nuts can be loaded only in the axial direction. In the case of long and thin ball screws the unit’s design should eliminate the deflection of the shaft due to its own weight.

The precise quality of the screw grooves guarantees high endurance against heat generation and wear. Other advantages of the ball screws are low driving torque (even in the case of preloaded nuts) and high linear accuracy.

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