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Technical information

The ball screws are made of steel with grade ČSN 14 260, CF53 or 42CrMo4 (shafts) and 14 109 or 14 209(nuts). The nut and the threaded part of the shaft are hardened to 58-60 HRC. Minimum strength of the core and the non-hardened parts of the shaft is Rm = 650 MPa

The resulting quality is verified by long-term life tests and final analysis of the changes in the functional sections of the transmission after reaching the defined wear limits. Based on the obtained results and bearing in mind the operating conditions, we can guarantee the actual service life of the product, or we can offer the best solution based on the specific requirements of the customer.

The performance of the grooves in the ball screw subcomponents determines the ball screw functional quality; therefore these components are hardened and afterwards, in the case of precision ball screws, also ground in order to guarantee the required two-point contact of the balls in the so-called Gothic (ogival) thread profile.


The selection of the right type and design of a ball screw from our standard product range depends on the required application, technical characteristics and the operating conditions.

The properties of the ball screws are characterized by the following parameters:

  • Nominal thread diameter
  • Thread pitch
  • Thread precision class
  • Load capacity, rigidity and life
  • Travel speed
  • Ball recirculation system in the nuts
  • Other parameters

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