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Consultations and technical advice

KSK Precise Motion, a.s., offers technical assistance in designing and inspecting motion axes for machine tools equipped with ball screws. This service builds on long-term experience with the application of ball screws and calculation algorithms based on the DIN ISO 3408 international standards for ball screws, as well as cooperation with the Research Centre of Manufacturing Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The objective is to identify and offer to the customer the optimum solution to linear movement based on a ball screw as the basic component for transforming rotary movement to linear. The optimization outcome is a specific actuation design using the most appropriate ball screw characterized by its diameter, lead, nut rigidity and service life, including alternatives employing either a driven shaft or a driven nut. The outcome can be expanded to include a choice of bearings, clutch, motor and embedded transmission, and the effect of actuation control.

We also review the maximum speed and buckling of the ball screw designed based on its mounting. Based on the known range of loads and working conditions, we can determine the service life of the actual ball screw and its mounting bearings with the requested degree of reliability.

The service offered should help design linear axes of machine tools with the objective of optimizing them based on expected loads and working conditions.


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