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Trapezoidal screws

Trapeziodal screws (hereinafter also Tr screws) with metric trapezoidal thread (according to ČSN 014050) are standard structural components used as self-locking transition of the rotary motion to linear motion with low efficiency, given by the  principle of their construction, by the lubrication and by the material of the friction thread surfaces.

These lead screws bear only axial load and relevant torque whereas backlash between the screw and the nut should be decreased by special construction.

Trapezoidal screws are supplied as a complex assembly with matched nut or nuts according to the request of the customer. Their material, application, lubrication and adjustment of backlash, which occurs during the  operation, are determined by the custom practice of the particular customers and it is not solved by the manufacturer, which provides only consulting and advisory services.


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