Heavy Duty Screw

High-load ball screws are specific because of the double load capacity than the standard ball screws and for their rigidity, which is achived by change of the thread profile radius. The high-load ball screws have lower efficiency and are intended only for low-speed applications. Standard high-load screws are non-preloaded.


  • Characteristics of the category
    • Precise motion ball screws for big axial loading and long service life
    • Thread precision of the high-load ball screws is designed with accuracy class IT1 (pursuant to ISO 3408)
  • Application
    • Injection presses
    • Transportation mechanisms
    • Lifting equipment
    • Substitution of hydraulic cylinders


  • Basic Technical Parameters
    • Recommended thread diameter range from 63 to 200 mm
    • Minimum shaft material strength Rm = 720 MPa,
    • High-load lubricant should be applied to these ball screws.
    • Ambient temperature up to 90°C
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