Precise screw

Precise Screw - this is the most commonly used type of ball screw due to its universality, excellent technical parameters, and wide design scope. They are usually ground thread screws.


  • Basic Technical Parameters
    • Diameters from 12 to 200 mm
    • Pitch from 3 to 50 mm, lengths up to 15,500 mm
    • Accuracy classes IT1 to IT5
    • Minimum shaft material strength Rm = 650 MPa,
    • Achieved efficiency approx. 94–97%
    • Usage temperatures -40 to +80°C (depending on the lubricant type)
  • Characteristics of the category
    • Precise positioning screws
    • Wide range of dimensions and pitches
    • Standard geometrical and working precision, service life and load capacity pursuant to ISO 3408
    • Delivered with required preloading
  • Application
    • Machine tools and forming machinery
    • Automatic positioning machines
    • Automotive and aviation industry
    • Other applications that require precision positioning
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