About us

KSK Precise Motion, a.s. is a manufacturer of ball screws and other precision components. The company is a globally sought-after partner of machine and equipment manufacturers. This position was gained thanks to its reliability, excellent quality and long-term serious approach to each customer.


Establishment of the Miniature Ball Screw Division

In connection with the diversification of the product portfolio, the Miniature Ball Screw Division was established at the beginning of 2024. This move enables the company to offer a wider and more specialised range of products tailored to individual customer needs.


Renaming to KSK Precise Motion, a.s.

Following the development of business activities abroad, the name of the company was changed to KSK Precise Motion, a.s.


Expansion of production premises into current forms 

The company is constantly increasing the volume of orders received and already supplies ball screws to 42 countries around the world. To meet the growing demand, the company had to expand and reorganize its production facilities to maximize its production capacity. The new reconstruction was completed in 2015. The total area of the company since this year is 8,800 m2.


Change of company owner

In 2011, the company changed owners. The owner has not changed since then.


The company started with annual ISO 9001 certification

From the beginning of its existence, the company Kuličkové šrouby Kuřim has been fully aware of the importance of maintaining the highest possible quality of its products in order to build a stable place on the market. The high level of the quality system has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard every year since 2000. At present, the quality management system according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 is certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.


Establishment of an independent company Kuličkové šrouby Kuřim

The production of ball screws has been under the auspices of the TOS Kuřim plant from the very beginning. This did not change until the 1990s, more precisely between 1996 and 1997, when privatization took place and the grouping of the company changed. In 1996, a new company, TOS Kuřim-KŠ, spun off from TOS Kuřim, and a year later the company changed its name to Kuličkové šrouby Kuřim and thus became an officially independent entity.


Beginning of the production of ball screw

The tradition of production of ball screws in Kuřim, and thus in the whole Czech Republic, dates back to 1967. The beginning of production is closely connected with the production of automated, numerically controlled machine tools in the 1960s, which required the development of more advanced components. The sliding thread bolts used until then were insufficient for this type of machine due to their low mechanical efficiency. For this reason, they were gradually replaced with a ball thread.