Trapezoidal screws

The screws bear only the axial load and given torque, while the clearance between the screw and nut must be ensured through construction.

Standard trapezoidal screws are supplied as comprehensive assembly elements with fitted nut or nuts in a design according to the requirements of the customer. Their material and use, including ensuring lubrication and adjustment of the clearance caused by operation is based on the construction parameters of the individual customers and is not solved by the manufacturer, who provides only consulting and advisory service.

Basic Technical Parameters

  • Diameters from 16 to 120 mm,
  • From 4 to 14 mm in the thread pitch,
  • Pitch from 3 to 50 mm, standard length up to 6,200 mm,
  • Maximum thread length 12,000 mm (according to diameter and accuracy class).

Offered accuracy classes (pursuant to ČSN 014050)

  1. Fine-ground shaft thread profile (grinders, coordinate boring machines, and higher precision machines).
  2. Medium (cutting equipment, lathes, milling machines, horizontal drilling machines).
  3. Rough (machine tools without special precision requirements).

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