Ball screws: Micro Screw

Basic Technical Parameters

  • Diameter from 5 to 12 mm.
  • Length do 600 mm.
  • Accuracy classes P0, P1, P3.
  • Minimum shaft material strength Rm = 800 MPa.
  • Achieved efficiency approx. 94 – 97 %.
  • Usage temperatures -40 to +80 °C (according to the lubricant and material type).

Characteristics of the category

  • High precision positioning screws.
  • Very high running smoothness.
  • Delivered with required preloading.
  • Longest service life due to corresponding use of materials, custom engineering and the quality promise of a highly sophisticated production.


  • Electron microscopes,
  • semiconductor manufacturing machines,
  • measuring instruments,
  • aerospace,
  • other devices that require precise positioning and quality of operation.


Miniature ball screws catalogue



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