Ball screws: Special Screw

The special ball screw category includes, for instance, the following designs:

Telescopic ball screw

  • It is used in applications where it is necessary to achieve small stopping dimensions and big strokes (e.g. manipulating platforms, hexapods, etc.).
  • It is a telescopic set made by cascading several ball screws, whose nuts also have the function of bearings for anchoring the additional shafts of the set of ball screws.
  • The telescopic ball screws substitute hydraulic cylinders with the advantage of easy adjustment and positioning.

Ball screw without profile

  • The ball screw without profile is intended mainly for the motion mechanisms of manipulators and transportation equipment, which require the realisation of effective conversion of rotary motion to linear motion without preference of the rigidity and load-bearing capacity of the gear, but with the requirements for simple, easy maintenance and manufacturing ease.

Linear actuator

  • The linear actuator ensures motor-controlled linear motion for the extent of the working stroke and thus substitutes a hydraulic cylinder. It converts rotary motion to linear motion via a ball screw with a minimum conversion efficiency of 95 %.
  • The motion speed can be regulated or set by suitable choice of pitch used.

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